Reinventing the Retail Experience

Mobile Payment

Your Shoppers Are on the Move

For today’s tech-savvy consumers, digital and mobile technologies are no longer a novelty; your shoppers expect you to deliver the same fast, convenient solutions they rely on in all areas of their lives. LoyaltyOne helps you exceed those high expectations. From strategy and creative concepts through customer-centric design and development, we work with your team to ensure you’re always at the forefront of digital shopping and ready for what’s coming next.
Client Focused Project Management

Client-focused capabilities

As we constantly expand our digital capabilities and push to find smarter solutions, we maintain a crucial balance between taking advantage of new opportunities and managing risk to yield innovations that are just right for your shoppers.

Testing, learning and adapting

Unlike most providers, we test digital shopping solutions from the outset, rather than waiting until they’re nearly complete. With our unique testing technology, we’re able to gather data and make refinements every step of the way, responding to shoppers’ feedback and adapting to their changing priorities virtually in real time. 
Mobile Shopper