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Our capabilities – Collector engagement

Activation of our collector intelligence happens through our Marketing and Collector engagement services. Using cross-channel orchestration through traditional and AI-powered marketing tools, AIR MILES determines the best offers for our partners to send to a collector at the right time on the right channel.

Cross-channel orchestration

A 360-degree view into the shopping patterns of collectors allows us to create relevant, personalized experiences on both online and offline channels, increasing media efficiency, targeting capabilities and conversion rates, and targeting the right collector with the right offer, at the right time, in the right channel. This improves the efficiency of our campaigns, drives partner revenue, and optimizes marketing ROI.


Lifecycle management

AIR MILES uses AI-powered marketing tools and data science models to drive engagement throughout the purchasing lifecycle, improving partners ability to acquire and grow their customer bases

Digital properties

The AIR MILES digital properties are powered by industry-leading capabilities and linked to Data Hub to enable personalized and targeted experiences for collectors, delivered on the preferred digital channel. Our toolkit of capabilities is used to target collectors in an integrated marketing strategy across platforms including email, mobile, social, search, print, Web, in-store and programmatic ads, improving Partner reach among current and prospective collectors, driving them to purchase.