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The Social Media Payoff

The Missing Link Between Social Media & ROI

It all sounds logical—engaging with customers via social media, done right, should inspire further engagement, brand loyalty and, ultimately, more transaction activity. But establishing an accountable link between social media activity and tangible, positive impact on the business has been elusive.

The 2012 LoyaltyOne Social Media Transaction Impact Study establishes that link, and confirms that social media interaction between consumers and a brand has definite business-building potential. Working with the Medill IMC Spiegel Digital and Database Research Initiative at Northwestern University in Chicago and the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, this LoyaltyOne study (which we believe to be the first published study of its kind) demonstrates that positive social media interaction can and does lead to a significant and sustained increase in transaction volume from participating customers.

Specifically, the study isolated and confirmed a direct and positive link between consumer social media activity with a major, well-known Canadian brand and increased transaction volume for that brand. Download the whitepaper to see how.

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