Crafting Targeted Offers That Get Results

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Customer-centric Promotional Strategies That Delight Your Shoppers

Shoppers are getting more and more savvy – and what they want and need is constantly evolving. We help you build targeted promotional strategies that show your shoppers how much you value their loyalty. To keep shoppers’ attention, we help you identify and deliver what they want before they know it themselves. 
Promotion Strategy Analytics

Deeper insights mean sharper relevance

Shoppers are becoming more and more savvy about retail marketing, and as a result their expectations are constantly evolving. We help you design promotions that engage your highest-potential customers, inspiring them to put more in their baskets and shop more often. By using data-driven insights to create more relevant offers, you not only stand out from the competition but spark bigger responses with a smaller investment, optimizing overall spend.

Focus on what works best

Today’s shoppers expect high-value, personalized offers that recognize and even anticipate their needs. Leveraging insights based on actual customer behavior, you can determine what’s working, what’s not and how to fine-tune execution accordingly. By rigorously analyzing each promotion, we help you direct your budget where it will have the most impact – in end-to-end programs that work best for your best shoppers, and therefore for your bottom line.

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Evaluate results from all angles

You can’t measure promotional effectiveness along one dimension. We analyze results at the product, customer and store levels, gauging the impact of discounting, ad placement, display space and many other factors. So your decisions about future programs are based on a complete picture of what’s worked before – and what hasn’t.