Anticipating Your Shoppers’ Needs

Store Merchandise

We Know Retail Behavior

LoyaltyOne has been helping retailers identify and respond to shoppers’ expectations for more than two decades. Backed by our in-depth understanding of customer behavior, plus the powerful insights of advanced analytics, you can make better merchandising decisions that drive sales across your entire business.

Get more from every store

When shoppers come into one of your retail environments, you want them to feel it was designed with them in mind. We analyze all facets of your customer data so you can get to know the people behind the purchases: how they react to different pricing, product and promotional strategies, and what they value most. The result is an optimized merchandising strategy that drives business and boosts profitability.

Solutions that evolve with your shoppers

Individual customer profiles can vary greatly, and each store’s local trade area has its own unique character. We help you customize your merchandising strategy from store to store based on local shopper behaviors. And as we explore the opportunities together, we don’t just look at what your shoppers are doing today; we build scenarios for what’s coming next and help you proactively evolve your strategy.

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