Helping You Build Lasting Shopper Relationships


Connecting You With Your Best Shoppers

There’s more to customer loyalty than earning points and driving repeat sales. Loyalty is about connecting with your shoppers and always providing exactly what they need – and to do that, you need to know them better. At LoyaltyOne, we combine our understanding of retail behavior with powerful analytics to gain insights into shoppers’ individual preferences. And then we help you build loyalty strategies and programs that keep them coming back.

Tailoring a loyalty strategy for your brand

Our experienced practitioners have designed and operated every kind of loyalty program, so we know what works. Grounding our collaborative approach in deep knowledge of your business, your market and your shoppers, we develop loyalty strategies that build connections and drive spend. Short-term or long-term – featuring points collection, instant rewards or valued experiences – the programs we create together reflect the unique needs and expectations of your shoppers.

Market-leading coalition experience

There’s tremendous power in aligning with an existing, market-leading loyalty program. We have a proven track record in coalition loyalty and have successfully partnered with hundreds of retailers around the world, making it easy for consumers to get rewarded while shopping for their favorite brands, both in-store and online.  Most notably, Canada’s AIR MILES Reward Program joins multiple retailers together under a cost-effective, multi-partner solution that delivers comprehensive customer insights from nearly two-thirds of all Canadian households.
AIR MILES Collector


"LoyaltyOne continues to be one of Shell's most valued and strategic partners."

Shelley O’Brien, Loyalty Manager, Shell Canada

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