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AIR MILES® launches media services platform - AMP MEDIA, POWERED BY AIR MILES

November 03, 2022


Today, the AIR MILES® Reward Program is officially rolling out a beta stage launch of its new media services platform AMP Media, Powered by AIR MILES. AIR MILES has been building AMP Media services and generating revenue through a variety of clients and is now rolling out more broadly as a strong alternative to generic digital advertising platforms that cannot accurately measure sales attribution.

AMP Media allows ambitious brands of all sizes to tap into the power of 30+ years of data to create more impactful touchpoints and more effective advertising solutions, with the ability to measure direct sales attribution and increase ROI on total marketing investment. AIR MILES developed AMP Media with a focus on its continuous protection of consumer data and privacy while offering a seamless user experience supported by the most relevant marketing messages. The use of data for the purpose of media services through AMP Media is done so in accordance with the AIR MILES privacy policy, which can be found here.

With 30+ years in consumer loyalty and retail, AIR MILES has an unmatched pulse on what motivates Canadian consumer shopping habits. AMP Media provides access to authenticated data and sophisticated audience understanding to accelerate companies' strategic objectives, increase their marketing impact, and create personalized and effective experiences for customers. At a time when brands are struggling to close the loop on measurement and marketing effectiveness, AMP Media delivers just that.

"We're thrilled to launch the next phase of innovative service models with AMP Media," says Shawn Stewart, President, AIR MILES Reward Program. "With over three decades of data, we are in a unique position to deliver a preferred advertising solution for businesses looking to increase their ROI and gain a full view of the impact of every marketing dollar spent. This is an exciting step for AIR MILES as we continue to evolve and grow our program to become increasingly more open and flexible."

AIR MILES' network of partnerships covers 80 per cent of all consumer spending, helping to position AMP Media as a strong lever for brands to intersect highly receptive audience segments with dynamic ad solutions. These audience groups total more than nine million collectors and more than five million digitally active users from nearly every retail category.

"In our highly personalized world, it's crucial for companies to thoroughly understand their consumer - and authenticated data is the differentiator when it comes to how well this can be accomplished," says Rick Neuman, Chief Technology Officer, AIR MILES Rewards Program. "With over 100 data pipelines and more than 250 machine learning models, our team's deep understanding of how best to apply these insights allows us to complement our media services platform. Our best-in-class data and measurement services close the loop for brands looking to predict and measure the effectiveness of their marketing investments more accurately."

AMP Media is available to brands of all sizes. This new offering reflects AIR MILES' commitment to providing brands from every category with an unfair advantage in increasing their consumer connections, both on Main Street and online.

To learn more about AMP Media and to get involved in this exciting beta opportunity visit today.

About the AIR MILES Reward Program

The AIR MILES Reward Program is Canada's most recognized loyalty program, with millions of active collector accounts. AIR MILES collectors earn Reward Miles at more than 300 leading Canadian, global, and online brands and at thousands of retail and service locations across the country. This activity powers an unmatched data asset that, along with world-class analytics and marketing capabilities, enables clients to accelerate their marketing activities and ROI. The AIR MILES Reward Program gives collectors the flexibility and choice to use Reward Miles on aspirational rewards such as merchandise, travel, events, and attractions, or instantly on everyday essentials, in-store or online, through AIR MILES Cash at participating partner locations. For more information, visit

For further information: Allie Martin,, 905-749-0228

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