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AIR MILES and Shell Canada reward Canadians as they get back on the road

July 15, 2020

The world as we know it is changing, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact individuals and communities on a daily basis. Globally, some cities and countries have fully reopened, while others remain further behind. Canada fits into the former, as our early physical distancing efforts have yielded positive results. Across the country, municipalities have been given license to enter various stages of reopening and allowing the public to gradually expand their social circles.

Despite this positive progress, Canadians have largely accepted that we are still far away from a complete return to a pre-pandemic landscape. A recent study from Angus Reid found that 72 per cent of Canadians believe it will take longer than six months for the country to return to normal, while 36 per cent believe it will be six months to a year before their own lives follow suit.1

Gas pump sales heavily impacted by social distancing measures

Many stores, restaurants and small businesses weathered the pandemic’s economic impact by utilizing the unprecedented stimulus measures from multiple levels of government. However, it can’t be ignored that many industries were harder hit than others. The oil and gas sector was one of the many severely impacted in Canada, largely due to a sharp decrease in sales at gas pumps as Canadians transitioned to remote work and drove less often. According to Statistics Canada, gas station sales across the country in March dropped by 19.8 per cent2 and took a further dip of 32.2 per cent in April.3

However, as social distancing measures slowly ease and businesses begin to reopen, this trend is expected to rebound. Canadians now have fewer restrictions in visiting friends and family, and some have even returned to their place of work, ultimately putting cars back on the road. The warm weather is also encouraging Canadians to get outside and plan summer vacations – with many opting to plan road trips to domestic destinations within Canada. While Canada’s return to normal will likely take time, gas station sales are undoubtedly poised to increase.   

AIR MILES and Shell Canada providing more to Canadian consumers, where it counts most

In the current landscape, it’s critical Canadian organizations continue stepping up to support consumers and ensure their concerns are being heard. With this in mind, AIR MILES  conducted a survey of its Collectors in May and found that 63 per cent called for businesses to provide more ways to help consumers save money. AIR MILES is committed to giving Collectors more – when and where it really counts – and continue to work with our Partners to find new ways to support this goal.

That is why on July 13, 2020, AIR MILES, alongside Shell Canada – a Partner of over 27 years –  announced that all Collectors will receive a complimentary membership to Shell Go+ for the remainder of 2020, providing access to a full suite of member benefits and special monthly offers and bonuses. This collaboration provides Collectors with the opportunity to earn more Miles with every visit to a Shell location, creating more opportunities to redeem and reward.

Key benefits of this membership include:

  • Up to 100 per cent more Miles on fuel
  • 100 per cent more Miles on in-store purchases
  • 5x more Miles when Collectors use their BMO AIR MILES® credit card

The impact that COVID-19 has had on Canadian communities can’t be overstated. As we cautiously return to our regular lives, it’s important that organizations continue to recognize the pandemic’s lasting impact on both the public and the economy, and take action to support consumers. AIR MILES is proud to continue finding new ways to help its Collectors, especially in these challenging times, and is excited to work with one of our original Partners to provide this much-needed support – when and where it matters most.

For information on the full suite of benefits available through Shell Go+ or to learn more, visit

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