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AIR MILES' new brand platform reinforces passion for rewarding Collectors

July 23, 2020

AIR MILES’ reveals new brand platform to reinforce passion for rewarding Collectors and celebrate the power of its Coalition of Partners

An organization’s brand is the promise it makes to its stakeholders. Within the organization, branding sets the stage for the overarching vision taken on by all employees. Outside of company walls, it sets a framework for what consumers can expect across all communications and company initiatives. While it’s natural for an organization’s brand to change as it grows and evolves, it’s important that brands remain consistent with their core mission and values, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

AIR MILES was founded with the brand purpose of turning Collectors’ everyday purchases into moments of reward, by seamlessly integrating Miles into their shopping experience. Over the last 28 years, AIR MILES has seen the loyalty industry change as organizations seek out new ways to reward customers, including the shift to a digital landscape and the use of data-driven insights to personalize offers. Yet, while the industry may look different, the AIR MILES goal of working with its Partners to find meaningful opportunities to support and reward Canadians has remained unchanged.

That’s why today, we’re proud to share our new brand platform, Rewarding Canadians, every day™.

Coming together to create moments of reward for Collectors

The AIR MILES Reward program is excited to unveil the new brand tagline, to celebrate our passion for rewarding nearly 11 million Collectors together with over 300 Partners, and reinforce our ability to create daily moments of reward for Canadians that participate in the Program. Through the nationwide marketing campaign, AIR MILES is sharing stories of Collectors and leveraging our Coalition of Partners to demonstrate the rewards Canadians have received through the program – from travel and fuel savings, to instant cash redemption and physical rewards on big-ticket items.

To ensure we are delivering value where it matters most, AIR MILES conducted a lengthy review of existing brand collateral and requested feedback from our core Partners. This review confirmed that the power of our extensive network of Coalition Partners, along with our ability to reward Canadians with personalized and relevant experiences, rewards and offers, resonated the most with our stakeholders.

So, while our tagline has been revamped, AIR MILES’ commitment to its value proposition remains the same – to connect Canadians with our strong Coalition of Partners, creating simpler ways to turn everyday purchases into tangible and exciting moments of reward.

Providing support for Canadians during changing and challenging times

Throughout our history, AIR MILES has connected Collectors to a variety of Partners, cementing our position as an integral part of Canada’s retail landscape. However, part of this commitment centers around keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of consumers. As new needs emerge, we recognize that delivering personalized offers requires representation across all industries and touchpoints relevant to our Collectors. AIR MILES continues to add new and innovative Partners, as well as opportunities and ways to provide rewards across diverse sectors, to ensure there are options for all Collectors’ unique needs and motivations.

At the same time, over the last four months, we have observed that from coast to coast, Canadians are impacted by the pandemic and many have experienced a disruption to their everyday lives. In an effort to help Canadians navigate this time, over 300 new Dream and Cash Rewards have been added, and AIR MILES continues to work with its Partners to find new ways to support Canadians where and when they need it most.

The launch of our refreshed brand is an exciting time for all of us, but what is equally exciting is the work we do, day in and day out, to bring our Partners closer to their customers. Our new brand promise is a reflection of our accomplishments and success in fostering strong relationships with both Partners and Collectors for the past 28 years – but it also represents our commitment to continue putting Collectors first and providing meaningful rewards that better Canadians’ lives.

For more information on how Collectors can get more AIR MILES rewards (for less!), visit