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Collector intelligence – Data

Coalition partners are provided with an unmatched understanding of collector shopping behaviour through a unique identifier, enabling the tracking of customer spend across 300+ global, national and online brands, digital activity and media response, allowing for the creation of richer, more personalized, one-to-one experiences.

AIR MILES data allows us to profile and segment our collectors based on their past purchases and the desired objectives of the partner. We provide insights based on:

  • Collector profile
  • Collector segments
  • Collector transactions
  • Location
  • Media exposure

One tool we use to drive ROI for partners is Panorama, a new platform providing fast, secure and immediate access to insights and reports. Developed with Google’s Looker technology, AIR MILES connects multiple data sources that refresh in real time, providing Partners with immediate access to real-time sales and performance data that can be used to make smarter business decisions. 


These insights can be viewed in customizable dashboards on any device and provide a clear understanding of campaign performance in a digestible format.