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Collector intelligence – Analytics

Our advanced machine-learning capabilities allow us to segment collectors and ensure we see continual engagement with the Program. SMOKEY™ and PRECISION™ are two of our advanced machine-learning tools that we leverage to assess the appropriate collectors for relevant offers, and to whom we distribute these offers to generate ROI for our partners.


SMOKEY™ is a one-to-one marketing personalization platform that uses machine learning, enabling marketers to drive personalization at scale, improving engagement with our partners’ customers and producing significant ROI. This tool allows partners to improve campaign performance by automating offer selection and continually learning what offer is best, equipping brands to effectively tailor offers to collectors. Through SMOKEY™, partners can maximize the value of the offers they are providing to their customers, increasing the probability of an offer being actioned by a collector.


PRECISION™ is an AI-powered product recommendation engine that enables partners to engage with millions of customers by serving them personalized product recommendations, using proprietary and deep machine learning. It leverages artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning, collaborative filtering, deep learning and business rules to determine which offers are the most relevant to send to a Collector, aimed at maximizing their responses. 

PRECISION™ can be used to solve a variety of business and marketing problems, including yield management, offer creation, product mix analysis, journey grooming and communication optimization. By using PRECISION™, partners put the right products in front of their most valuable customers, leading to increased profitability and a stronger bottom line.