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AIR MILES® for Social Change

Together we can use the AIR MILES® Reward Program’s marketing strength and unrivalled reach to promote positive behaviour change that delivers societal value.

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Inspiring Change Across the Country

People are ready to make healthier and more sustainable choices, all they need is a smarter incentive. That’s why LoyaltyOne created AIR MILES® for Social Change. We partner with organizations nationwide inspiring people to make better choices.

By giving governments, non-profit and public sector organizations access to the power of the AIR MILES reward program, including our marketing channels and use of AIR MILES reward miles as an incentive, we can help improve program participation rates and ROI. In the process, we provide knowledge and program insight to our partners allowing them to learn from their success and accelerate positive behavioral change across Canada.

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Drive Increased Public Transit Use

AIR MILES for Social Change has worked with all major cities in Canada to increase transit use and drive behaviors that help save transit service providers money. The AIR MILES® currency offers an economical alternative to fare discounts or rebates.

Reward miles can be offered as an incentive for many transit goals such as signing up for monthly or annual passes, adopting or reloading electronic smart cards via online or kiosk, or riding transit outside of peak times.

AIR MILES also can provide valuable rider analytics and insights that transit partners can use to optimize their marketing efforts.

AIR MILES was able to demonstrate success in the Public Transit sector by providing a loyalty service partnership with Metrobus, and was acknowledged for their work in Loyalty Innovation at the 2013 COLLOQUY Loyalty Awards.

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Motivating Healthy Living Choices

Whether you’re encouraging people to become more physically active, improve their eating habits or participate in preventative care programs, reward miles provide a low-cost and highly valued incentive. We help health organizations understand how they can use the loyalty relationship to drive recurring, sustainable healthy behaviors over the long-term.

We offer health organizations new marketing tools to both send targeted messages to specific consumer segments, or to use our sizeable database to get a message out more broadly. Offering the right rewards can help drive education and awareness of health issues and can incentivize people to try a new activity, exercise more often, improve their diets or get health screenings. By offering the right reward via the right channels, a not-for-profit organization can also attract valuable cash donors and new participants in fundraising efforts.

Everyone knows the rewards of making healthy choices. But with the added incentive of AIR MILES reward miles for taking the right steps, behavior change can surge.

Learn more about LoyaltyOne's engagement with the YMCA

Encouraging Energy Conservation

We can help create programs that reward utility customers for conserving energy. Taking advantage of AIR MILES® communications channels, fulfillment infrastructure and consumer analytics expertise, utilities can launch a wide range of initiatives, from smart metering to e-billing, more cost efficiently than ever before.

Using these kinds of programs, AIR MILES for Social Change has demonstrated strong results in driving up participation levels in numerous provincial energy conservation programs which ultimately have contributed to significant gigawatt savings. For example, see our continuing work with the Ontario Power Authority:

Rewarding Waste Reduction and Recycling

Municipalities are facing high waste diversion targets and need to raise awareness and create stronger habits around recycling while keeping costs down. Reward miles are a proven and economical way to drive increases in all types of recycling, including household, electronic and hazardous waste while also driving savings to the city.

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