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Delivering on the Promise of Shopper-Centricity
whitepaper by Graeme McVie

Applying customer-centric insights for a sustainable competitive advantage

The retail industry is growing ever more intense and diverse. Traditional retailers must now compete with alternative formats, such as ultra-low-cost retailers like Aldi; and with specialists, like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Amazon now ships groceries and is opening more distribution centers closer to main population centers. Add dollar stores and big-box players to the mix, and the marketplace of just a decade or two ago seems cast in the amber of mom-and-pop grocers with their wooden placard signs.

In this whitepaper, we reveal why early efforts to shift towards shopper-centricity have been unsuccessful, and present solutions for how these challenges can be overcome. The key questions explored answered include:

  • How do you implement a systematic and comprehensive approach to understanding individual shopper needs at detailed levels in an always-on, dynamic manner?


  • How do you incorporate insights into daily decisions to build toward a shopper-centric approach that provides sustainable competitive advantage without risking shorter-term objectives?

To access our recommendations for implementing a shopper-centric approach, download the full whitepaper.

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