Customer Experience Dimensions

The next frontier in Customer Experience (CX) analytics

Our Customer Experience (CX) Dimensions consider demanding shoppers, silent customers, as well as others who are underrepresented in CX assessments - our approach quantifies your biggest CX issues and delivers a highly prescriptive action plan unlike other solutions in the market.

CX Dimensions Offers:

Cost Benefit/Feasibility Planning & Analysis provides an in-depth evaluation of the organization to analyze the current and future state of the work plan to support CX strategies. It also includes:

  • Examining organizational talent, touch points, and technology
  • Developing current and future state assessment and work plan
  • Building business cases to support prioritized capital and expenses investments
  • Action planning involving an ideation session to craft potential solutions to improve CX, ultimately to guide operating and capital investments

Have clear identification of every interaction the customer encounters when engaging with a brand. It also includes:

  • End-to-end customer journey map and analysis of customer segments
  • Identifying and prioritizing CX opportunities
  • Locating where data is limited, unused, collected, or shared
  • Monitoring changes in data ecosystem

Merge current and ongoing projects to create a real-time and visual overview to identify and prioritize CX opportunities based on the specific economic impact to your organization. It also includes:

  • Monitoring changes in CX performance, sales, and profits
  • Measuring the impact of problematic customer experiences on engagement and loyalty
  • Generating prioritized lists of CX issues for improved strategic allocation of troubleshooting resources
  • Results-focused with monitoring, measurement, and on-going planning and optimization
  • Guiding strategic and tactical decisions on a daily basis

Revenue & Risk Assessment isolates and measures the economic and strategic impact of customer experience issues. It also includes:

  • Quantifying the financial risks associated with negative customer experience
  • Isolating and measuring issues based on economic and strategic impact
  • Prioritizing issues and corresponding economic risk to optimize investments
  • Integrating behavioral insights from customer experiences to highlight shifts in purchase or engagement over the long term
  • Highly actionable and innovative strategies, treatments, and tactics

Revenue@Risk is a trademark of Verde Group.

Our Staff Augmentation Services lead and assist the implementation of your CX strategy. It also includes:

  • IT services expert and resources
  • Facilitating business strategy objectives and change management support
  • Aligning systems and processes, and additional duties on an as-needed basis
  • Subject-matter expert in strategy, analytics, marketing and communications, project management, and IT consulting

To survive today’s hyper-connected global marketplace, the main competitive advantage is a company-wide focus on improving CX

Protect Your Business, Grow Your Customer Base

Boost revenue from existing customers and new sales from word of mouth

Improve customer loyalty through valued and memorable customer experiences

Translate customer experience into clear, measurable business value

The Loyal Treatment Whitepaper

Maximizing Customer Value Through Engagement

Attracting, retaining and growing the value of high-profit customers requires a relationship that goes to the root of the matter: member engagement.

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New Strategic Direction for Iconic Loyalty Program Case Study

New Strategic Direction For Iconic Loyalty Program

A recent LoyaltyOne client operated a program that was participated in by more than 60% Canadian consumers and had been one of the first recognizable programs of its kind in the market.

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Creative New Program Pushes Wrong Retail Buttons Case Study

Creative New Program Pushes Wrong Retail Buttons

A large retailer was losing sales to discount competitors and needed to reverse losses. The company knew its best customers very well, but the key question remained: what could they do to capture the lost market share?

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