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Consumer demands for corporate accountability, stringent laws, and increased market competition are realities of today’s marketplace. Ensuring compliance with the Competition Act is one avenue through which organizations can enhance consumer trust in the digital marketplace. This CMA Roundtable will review the requirements of the law and provide insights and tips on drafting clear and transparent company policies, and effective employee training. Topics of discussion include astroturfing, employee conduct on social media, misleading advertising, and anti-spam (CASL) rules enforced by the Competition Bureau.

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Who's Speaking?
Sabrina Anzini
Sabrina Anzini

No retailer can win on just price according to Retail Systems Research (RSR)’s latest pricing research Pricing 2016: Life Becomes Unmanageable. So what is the key to winning a customer’s loyalty and preventing them from taking their dollars elsewhere?

Hear from industry experts, Graeme McVie, VP and GM of Business Development for Precima and Nikki Baird, Managing Partner for RSR, who will present this year’s key benchmark findings and recommendations for the future of pricing.

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Who's Speaking?
Graeme McVie
Graeme McVie
Vice President, Business Development, Precima

Following the success of last year’s event in Barcelona, BrandLoyalty has today announced it will hold its 6th Retail Loyalty Congress on 3rd and 4th October 2016, in Toronto, Canada.

Just as Columbus crossed the ocean from Europe to North America, we’re going to take our Retail Loyalty Congress from last year’s Barcelona location all the way to Toronto. As we’re now part of LoyaltyOne, it was a logical choice to decide to hold our next Retail Loyalty Congress in its home town in Canada.

In today’s world, where old and new retail formats are rising and declining at a staggering pace, it’s crucial to stay close to your customers – but equally important to stay close to yourself as a food retailer. That’s why the theme of the RLC 2016 is ‘Getting Personal’. 

For further information, and to keep up-to-date with the latest speaker line-up, master classes and retail tours visit


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News Releases

LoyaltyOne announced today it is partnering with FoodShare Toronto and Global Teacher finalist Stephen Ritz of the educationally acclaimed Green Bronx Machine to launch the Good Food Machine, a new healthy food education program for children in Canadian communities. 

The first of its kind in Canada, the program launches in Toronto this September and aims to transform the health and eating habits of students in primary and secondary schools through an ongoing curriculum of how to physically grow, cook and eat healthy food –all while in the classroom. The Good Food Machine builds on years of work FoodShare has established in Toronto schools and now expands the number of schools benefitting and grants greater access to resources and food literacy curriculum.

The Good Food Machine is based on the Green Bronx Machine, the first indoor edible classroom in NYC which grows enough food to feed 450 students. The greatest success of this US program is the measured impact it has on the children, with 40% daily attendance increased to 93%, 50% reduction in behavioural incidence and bullying and 100% of post-secondary graduates training or working wage jobs.

"For more than 20 years LoyaltyOne has been a strong supporter of community charities and we are now expanding our commitment by launching a program that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadian kids," says Angela Simo Brown, Head of Social Impact Strategy & Innovation at LoyaltyOne. "Working with the invaluable expertise of FoodShare Toronto, who are already so involved in delivering healthy food and education, ensures the program will have the support it needs for success."

The goal is to introduce this program in phases with phase one launching in schools across Canada in September 2016. Phase two is currently in the planning stage and the markets will be announced accordingly.  For phase one, LoyaltyOne will provide 10 Good Food Machine kits to selected priority schools within the Toronto area.  Each kit will contain two aeroponic tower gardens, a mobile classroom kitchen, iMac computer, multi-media license to access Stephen Ritz curriculum plus classroom teachings via livestream and FoodShare educators who will visit the schools regularly to help teach and support. 

Selected schools were shortlisted by FoodShare and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and were invited to apply for a spot in the program. Schools were chosen based on a positive school community, a teacher who would champion the program as well as considering a variety of grades and specialized student programming. Priority was given to schools that rank high on the TDSB Learning Opportunities Index (LOI). The LOI ranks each school based on measures of external challenges affecting student success. It measures relative need and compares all schools on the same set of data.

Phase one schools include:

  • Eastdale Collegiate Institute (CI)
  • York Humber High School
  • Heydon Park Secondary School
  • Bala Avenue Community School
  • Nelson Mandela Park Pubic School
  • Dennis Avenue Community School
  • D.A. Morrison Middle School
  • Charles E Weber Public School
  • Bruce Public School
  • Ogden Public School

"We're delighted to have been selected for this wonderful program," says Martha Bartley, Eastdale CI Principal. "Our students are avid farmers and have been growing on our rooftop since 2013 with the help of FoodShare. The Good Food Machine will allow us to build on our urban farming program and grow year round with all manner of curriculum opportunities, from culinary to science programs. We can't wait!"

In addition to the donated kits, the Good Food Machine is available to all Canadian schools as a purchased program.

"We're thrilled to partner with LoyaltyOne on the Good Food Machine. Bringing good food and food education to schools is at the heart of who we are" says Katie German, Field to Table Schools Manager, FoodShare Toronto. "We've been delivering fun food literacy education to students and teachers throughout Toronto for the past decade and have seen first-hand the transformative power working with food and growing has on students. This program is not only a natural extension of our work but one we cannot wait to share with our school communities."

TODAY LoyaltyOne is sponsoring Global Teacher Finalist Stephen Ritz' presentation at FoodShare Toronto to talk about his innovative Green Bronx Machine program and how this model is being brought to life as the Good Food Machine in Toronto this September.

About LoyaltyOne
LoyaltyOne is a global leader in the design and implementation of coalition loyalty programs, customer analytics and loyalty services for Fortune 1000 clients around the world. LoyaltyOne has over 20 years history leveraging data-driven insights to develop and operate some of the world's most effective loyalty programs and customer-centric solutions. These include the AIR MILES Reward Program, North America's premier coalition loyalty program; a majority stake in European-based BrandLoyalty, one of the largest and most successful campaign-driven loyalty marketers; and a working partnership with Latin America's leading coalition program, dotz.

About FoodShare 
FoodShare Toronto is Canada's largest food security charity with a 30-year history of increasing consumption of vegetables and fruits through community lead projects. We believe everyone deserves access to affordable, fresh food. FoodShare has pioneered innovative programs like our award-winning food literacy program, Field to Table Schools, bringing good food education to schools across all school boards in Toronto, including the TDSB. Hands-on activities from composting and gardening to cooking and tasting to food justice and connecting with nature, FoodShare's dedicated team engage students from JK to Grade 12, and educators alike. Student and teacher workshops are tried-and-tested, with strong curriculum connections and shareable resources for all grades and educators.

Precima, a retail consulting and analytics firm specializing in shopper insights and customer-centric solutions and U.K.-based Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC (LSE: MRW), announced they have signed a new multi-year agreement. 

Precima assists mid-to-large size businesses with thousands of SKUs (products), such as grocers, in improving their competitive position across all facets of planning and operations from pricing optimization, promotional planning, assortment optimization, targeted marketing and supplier collaboration.

Under the terms of the agreement, Precima will work with the UK food retailer to listen and respond to what customers want from Morrisons.

Andy Atkinson, Group Marketing and Customer Director of Morrisons, said: "At Morrisons, we listen hard to our customers and respond quickly wherever possible. We look forward to working with Precima so that we can improve the shopping trip for our customers."

Brian Ross, President of Precima added: “We have a unique ability to translate customer insights into truly differentiated and compelling marketing, trading and supplier solutions that drive noteworthy results. We’re eager to put our passion and expertise to work and we are confident that it will make a valuable contribution to Morrisons.” 

About Morrisons

Morrisons is a UK food retailer with 492 stores and we’re the only British supermarket to have our own food processing sites and abattoirs. We employ expert livestock buyers to pick animals straight from the farmer and we are unique in making a quarter of the food we sell in store ourselves, giving us unrivalled control over our supply chain. We’re committed to supporting British farming, that’s why all Morrisons-branded fresh meat and everything on our butchers’ counters is 100% British. And we have more skilled specialists on hand to prepare more fresh food in store than any other retailer, with over 6,000 fully trained crafts people in our stores including butchers, bakers, fishmongers and cheesemongers. Every week, over 11 million customers pass through our doors and more than 117,000 colleagues across the business work hard each day to deliver great service to them. Our aim is to give our customers more of what matters to them, offering great quality food at low prices.

About Precima

Precima, housed within LoyaltyOne, is a retail strategy and analytics company that provides tailored, data-driven solutions to drive sales, boost profitability, and build customer loyalty. Leveraging deep analytics expertise, Precima helps organizations improve their competitive position across all facets of planning and operations from pricing optimization, promotional planning, assortment optimization, targeted marketing, and supplier collaboration. In 2016 the company was named among the Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers by Retail CIO Outlook.

Social_awardPrecima makes it to Retail CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers list for its expertise in turning deep customer insights into transformative solutions and delivering value.

Annual list showcases the Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers 2016. The positioning is based on evaluation of Precima’s specialties in transforming insights into action. The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of Retail CIO Outlook’s editorial board to recognize and promote Technology entrepreneurship.

Precima has been selected after being evaluated across more a dozen quantitative and qualitative elements. Experts have made the decision by taking to consideration, company’s experience, industry recognition, technical certifications, market presence and positive client reviews. “Precima has been on our radar for some time now for stirring a revolution in Analytics, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions,” said Katie William, Managing Editor, Retail CIO Outlook. “Precima continued to break new ground within the past year benefiting its customers around the globe, and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”

About Retail CIO Outlook

Retail is a technology magazine that talks about enterprise solutions that can redefine business goals of tomorrow. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, its editors choose the best in Retail domains. Its February Edition is an annual listing of Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers. For more information, visit the website at:

About Precima

Precima is a global retail strategy and analytics company that provides tailored, data-driven solutions to drive sales, boost profitability, and build customer loyalty. Leveraging deep analytics expertise, Precima helps organizations improve their competitive position across all facets of planning and operations from pricing optimization, promotional planning, assortment optimization, targeted marketing, and supplier collaboration. Precima's head office is located in Toronto, Canada, with global offices in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, Chicago, USA, and London, UK.

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