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The Positive Power of Negative Word of Mouth

Turning the Danger of Negative Social Media Into Positive Results

Next to financial results, customer feedback about a product/service or shopping experience is usually foremost on the minds of marketers and executive management. Much like the “numbers,” the voices and buying behaviors of consumers deliver the surest way to measure the impact of an organization’s products and services on the marketplace. And these days, the customers’ voices have reach like never before.

Of course, the voice of the customer is sometimes favorable and sometimes negative. In this document we reveal insights from the 2013 LoyaltyOne Social Media Transaction Impact Study regarding the business and behavioral impact of Negative Word-of-Mouth (WOM).

The 2013 LoyaltyOne Social Media Transaction Impact Study highlights two major points:

1. Loyalty program members who spread Negative Word-of-Mouth are often your best customers. Their passion can be leveraged as the core of a well-designed recovery program.

2. Taking the “temperature” of the Negative WOM guides appropriate action in response.

Download the whitepaper to discover the study's full results and to see how business leaders can use Negative WOM to act as a catalyst for brand engagement.

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