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Our core pillars –Diversity, equity and inclusion

AIR MILES is for everyone.

Our commitments

By 2023, inclusion will be embedded in the way we work and the services we offer. Inclusion will not only be a strength but a competitive advantage for AIR MILES, as we focus on building a culture of inclusion that enables us to perform, innovate and be ourselves.

Diversity, equity and inclusion success stories

Embedding inclusion across our business

In 2018, we set out on building an explicit and focused approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. We started by reviewing our processes, team structures and operating practices. We worked across the business to identify where inclusion and accessibility might drive value and innovation, and how to embed it into our workplace culture. Inclusion is a journey, not a destination; and the next step in our journey is finalizing our organization-wide strategy and impact goals.

Fostering a culture of inclusion through Associate-led resource groups

Inclusion at AIR MILES begins with Associates who believe strongly in developing a workplace where everyone is supported. Our employee resource groups are grassroots movements committed to highlighting different identities and perspectives. They include:


  1. Our Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI)advocates for a world in which women’s voices and leadership are essential to the success of any company.
  2. WLI is closely linked to the STEM Sisters, a grassroots group of women-identified Associates in the technology field.
  3. Our Toastmasters group helps Associates to tackle their public speaking skills in a safe and welcoming setting.
  4. Our Pride @AIR MILES (PAL) team promotes a safe, and inclusive working environment for all Associates, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Our Partners in diversity, equity and inclusion

Black health alliance

the get real movement

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