Dare to be Different

The Changing Face of Customer Loyalty


Fearing the retail apocalypse? You’re not alone. As thousands of retailers announce store closings, retail leaders must accept what no longer works and embrace the positive side of change.


Based on a recent global study on loyalty and customer experience surveying thousands of loyalty program operators and program members, President & CEO of LoyaltyOne Bryan Pearson, will help guide you in building business strategies that connect with consumers in a meaningful way and align with the dramatic shifts in the retail landscape.


Watch our on-demand webinar to learn the following:

  • The true size of the loyalty management industry and understand why it will only continue to grow
  • How much companies are currently spending on loyalty and what you need to invest in order to keep up
  • How to leverage data and technology to generate more value for your best customers,
  • How to build stand-out customer experiences with real-world examples, and
  • Four key loyalty strategies you can start implementing today to stay ahead of the competition