The Path That's Taken Us to Here

LoyaltyOne Global Solutions

The Sum of Our Parts

Today, there are more ways than ever to engage shoppers, and at LoyaltyOne we believe that understanding the people behind the purchase is key to winning their hearts – and their wallets. Over a span of more than two decades, LoyaltyOne has grown into a global portfolio of businesses with more than 1,900 associates across 50+ countries. We provide unparalleled interconnected expertise in data analytics informing retail insights, vendor collaboration and customer activations, to continuously help retailers win, predict and motivate shoppers across bricks, clicks and virtual aisles.
AIR MILES Reward Program
1992: AIR MILES Takes Flight

It all began with three young entrepreneurs in a Toronto hotel room in the spring of 1991. Sharing one phone line and a single computer, Craig Underwood, Sam Duboc and Rob Gierkink pooled their talents to promote a unique business venture – a new kind of marketing program that would reward consumers' loyalty by giving them opportunities to travel.

Instead of being sponsored by an airline or a single retailer, this new program would bring together a coalition of retail partners, all issuing a common loyalty currency. Participating retailers would benefit from sharing the program costs, plus they’d have a rich new source of data on customers' buying habits.

Officially launched on March 30, 1992, the AIR MILES Reward Program is now the most recognized loyalty program in Canada, with more than 10 million active Collector accounts, representing approximately two-thirds of all Canadian households.

Alliance Data
1998: Joining Alliance Data
After six years of spectacular growth, the AIR MILES® success story caught the attention of Alliance Data, another young enterprise on a similarly rapid rise and in July 1998, Alliance Data acquired Loyalty Management Group Canada Inc., the corporate parent of the AIR MILES® Reward Program. Alliance Data went on to launch a successful IPO in 2001.
LoyaltyOne Global Solutions
2002: Acquisition of COLLOQUY
With the acquisition of COLLOQUY, (a leading loyalty Research & Development practice) the suite of expertise and credentials grew to include loyalty and customer experience design and consulting services. LoyaltyOne Global Solutions now leads that practice, supported by extensive loyalty research, market intelligence and industry thought leadership.
2008: Creation of Precima
In 2008, the evolving capabilities of the AIR MILES® Reward Program gave rise to Precima, a new line of business for LoyaltyOne through which we offer retail strategy and analytics expertise working with clients' data to drive sales, boost profitability and build customer loyalty.
LoyaltyOne Logo
2008: A New Brand Called LoyaltyOne
As the various lines of business gained depth and scope, we honed our specialized expertise to focus in on three key capabilities: coalition loyalty, customer analytics and custom loyalty services. On July 10, 2008, we officially re-launched Alliance Data Loyalty Services as LoyaltyOne – an overarching corporate brand to represent the sum of our powerful parts.
BrandLoyalty IceMobile
2013: BrandLoyalty/IceMobile Acquisition
In 2013, we purchased BrandLoyalty, a Netherlands-based business focusing on innovative, tailor-made, short-term programs and promotions for some of the largest food retailers in the world. As part of that acquisition, digital agency IceMobile joined us as well. IceMobile helps companies provide impactful digital experiences, ultimately building stronger relationships with their customers.
LoyaltyOne Innovation Lab Zero Gravity Labs
2017: Creation of Zero Gravity Labs
As the years went on, we were increasingly struck by the incredible impact technology was having on our clients and their customers. In February 2017, we launched Zero Gravity Labs (ZGL), a workspace and team designed to ignite innovation, creativity and information sharing. The lab is focused on exploring technology and innovations that have the potential to shape, change or challenge the future state of loyalty, retail, banking and customer experience.
LoyaltyOne Office

“We continue to focus on how we develop analytic capabilities to help our clients make better business decisions. Over our history, we have built an impressive retail analytics business that supports a central premise in our philosophy – the fact that we must put the consumer at the center of our purpose. With the consumer in the middle of everything, we can objectively guide our clients to be smarter around how they build strategy.”

Bryan Pearson

President and CEO, LoyaltyOne