Springing For Purchases: 8 Ways Warm Weather Encourages Shopping -- And Where

mars 25, 2019


Never underestimate the purchasing influence of a daffodil.


As consumers emerge from their month’s-long hibernation, jostled out of their comfort-food stupors by late-day sunlight and early morning bird song, they rediscover not only the deep-rooted need to be out of doors among the flowers, but also the complementary urge to throw money at that need.


There’s the typical stuff we buy — sandals, grills and flats of pansies. But several unique traits of early spring trigger behavioral changes that cause shoppers to splurge on items they would not have expected. Following are eight such peculiarities of the season.


  1. April showers bring digital dollars: In rainy regions in particular, consumers tend to use soggy afternoons for online shopping. Website traffic on home furnishings and clothing sites rose 10% to 12% during rainy days in Seattle, compared with on sunny days, one study found. And speaking of showers, April tends to be a busy month for the bridal kind, as June is one of the most popular months for weddings (bridal showers are customarily hosted one to three months before the wedding). And guess where a lot of those bridal registries are made? Online.


  1. Baby bumps: More babies are born in September than in any other month, meaning that in April, five months earlier, those baby bumps will begin to show. This momentous life stage triggers not only an uptick in maternity clothes purchases but in toys, tiny shoes and other irresistible baby items (by family and friends as well as moms-to-be). This life stage also triggers cravings — spring is a good time for ice cream makers to introduce their latest salt-infused flavors.

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Bryan Pearson